The Building Enclosure Council New Zealand Inc was originally formed by BRANZ as the Claddings Institute of New Zealand Inc. in 1991.

The Claddings Institute was a non-profit organization established to focus collective resources to promote quality performance of the building industry. CINZ was a small organization that acted as a facilitator to bring together the collective resources of the many sectors that make up the claddings market.

This overall objective has not changed, and the goals of the Building Enclosure Council, in general, are still the same.

From the mid 1990s to the mid-2000s, the Claddings Institute was very much a single-issue organization focusing on raising awareness of the weather-tightness issue and assisting with the development of programmes to help resolve these issues. When the development side of these programmes was (rightly) taken over by Government (the BIA/DBH, and more latterly MBIE) this left the Claddings Institute without much focus.

Late last year the Executive of the Claddings Institute met and discussed if there was still a need for an organization like CINZ in the marketplace. The response was a very clear YES but there needed to be some change to help refocus from a single market single issue based organization to one the focused on the broader industry needs.

The Executive looked to North America and found similar organizations in both Canada and the United States. In Canada these were the Building Envelope Councils, and in the United States they were Building Enclosure Councils formed under the umbrella of the AIA. The activities of these organizations mirrored what is needed in New Zealand.

The intention is to hold a range of events each year in multiple locations focusing on issues of the time, as well as organizing smaller regional meetings. The aim as always is to facilitate discussion between the various sectors of the industry to identify both problems and potential solutions that can be incorporated into programmes.


  • To be pro-active in the education and training of the building industry in matters which relate to the technology of building enclosures.

  • To provide a forum for discussion and exchange of information between inter-acting groups concerned with building enclosures.

  • To be an industry-recognised coordinating body on regulations and standards that affect building enclosures.

  • To encourage and recognise high standards of quality and professional competence in matters which relate to building enclosures.

  • To facilitate the availability of advice as appropriate on issues or disputes related to building enclosures.

  • To initiate and coordinate the efficient progress of appropriate research projects relating to building enclosures.

  • To print, publish, issue, circulate or assist and support the publication, issue and circulation of such newspapers, journals, periodicals, books and papers relating to the technology of building enclosures as the Institute thinks fit.

  • To bring before Government authorities and public bodies any such matters affecting building enclosures and kindred matters as the Council may determine, and to confer with them thereon.